North Goa is that land where sunset doesn’t signal the end of the day. In fact, it is the time that heralds the beginning of a nocturnal adventure, providing an experience that is as diverse and dynamic as the landscape of the state. Be it the laid-back ambience of a beach shack, the pulsating ambience of nightclubs or fine-dining in an open air restaurant under the night sky, North Goa has everything to offer to night life lovers. Parked within this lively ambience is iTvara’s ERARA Villa, which not only offers the comforts of enjoying tranquil luxury but also provides easy access to all such venues. Here’s presenting a scintillating exploration of North Goa’s nightlife, where every evening promises to provide you with a new adventure.

The Allure of North Goa’s Nightlife:

North Goa’s nightlife is as diverse as you can possibly imagine as it fabricates a perfect ornament that includes the fusion of music and dance, while enjoying the same on the beachside. With the sun dipping down after completing its daily routine, North Goa transforms into an exciting and entertaining hub that has the power to supercharge all your senses. It is already famous for its legendary beach parties with the most exuberant of people gathering under the moonlight as DJ’s of international repute make them dance to their pulsating beats till the early hours of the morning.

It’s not just restricted to these high-energy beach clubs; people preferring a little bit more calm can choose from an array of chic bars, quaint cafes, and elegant lounges. Every venue has its own, unique ambience – be it sophisticated interiors, rooftop views or just enjoying the rustic charm exuded by the Arabian Sea. People don’t just party here; they celebrate life in a state that blends multiple cultures and tastes. And the motion can be set by anything – a Jazz bar with serene settings, rhythmic music that make the feet tap unconsciously or the lively atmosphere usually associated with beach shacks. If you are looking to create nightlife memories, you now know where you need to be.

Top Nightlife Spots in North Goa:

North Goa’s nightlife scene has it all; starting from pulsating clubs to elegant bars and also the serene beach shacks. Some of the best spots to be to enjoy the vibrant nocturnal charm of North Goa are listed here:

Club Cubana: It’s called the “Nightclub in the Sky” owing to its prime location of being perched right at the top of Arpora hill. Club Cubana is a multi-level club and houses a spacious dance floor with an outdoor pool area while the interiors are decorated with fluorescent themes. Interested in meeting celebrities – you will definitely find some of them letting their hair down every evening.

Tito’s Lane: This is the heartbeat of North Goa’s nightlife as this Baga locality has an array of bars and clubs lined one after the other. Tito’s club, the flagship brand, keeps you lively through its dance floor and multiple choices of drinks. Café Mambo, just next door, adopts a more laid back approach, through its open air seating, for people that prefer listening to their favourite music, while getting a whiff of sea breeze.

LPK Waterfront: Love Passion Karma, a stunning waterfront location in Candolim, stands out particularly for its unique décor that includes sculpted terracotta statues. Add to this the musical ambience and you can simply put on your dancing shoes and groove throughout the night.

Curlies: This is the most popular beach shack in North Goa, located at the southernmost tip of the Anjuna beach. The transformation it witnesses just after sun down is mind-boggling as  psychedelic trance parties set in but with a laid-back vibe. This has made it a favourite party spot for both the local folk and the tourists.

Cohiba: There is also a venue for people, who would like a more sophisticated setup, to spend their evenings. Cohiba, located in close proximity of Fort Aguada, presents live music, a variety of cocktails, and that too within a classy ambience. For people having a more relaxed approach to night outs, it provides the perfect blend of good food, great music, and an elegant setting.

Cultural Nightlife Experiences:

Nightlife in Goa is not just about dance floors and thumping music; some vibrant cultural traditions also make it up the pecking list for all the tourists.

Traditional Fado Evenings: Some North Goa venues host Fado nights, helping tourists experience a hauntingly beautiful Portuguese musical tradition. With classical guitars playing soulful, melancholic tunes, you get a glimpse of the Portuguese influence on Goa’s culture.

Goan Folk Dances and Music: There are some cultural centres and establishments that showcase various Goan folk dance forms like Corridinho, Mando, and Dekhnni for the tourists.

Night Markets: The Saturday Night Market in Arpora and Anjuna’s Wednesday Flea Market become more vibrant after sunset. Its not just a place for shopping; these venues are cultural fiestas that feature live bands, street food stalls while you also indulge in buying a varied range of local arts and crafts.

Goan Cuisine Nights: A number of restaurants and beach shacks regularly organize special Goan cuisine nights. These are the places to be if you are looking to savour the best of Goan traditional dishes, while also enjoying Konkani musical performances.

Enjoying Nightlife with iTvara’s ERAYA Villa:

iTvara’s ERAYA Luxury Villa becomes the perfect gateway for you to enjoy North Goa’s exhilarating night life. Its convenient location, almost a stone’s throw from most such active spots, means that guests can return to the comfort and tranquillity of the villa, after spending an evening dancing, socializing and soaking in all cultural events the place has to offer. If you need help arranging transportation or need guidance to the best venues, our staff is there to address all your needs.