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The tagline “Love to Travel” was chosen to enhance the brand name and resonate with the company’s mission. It embodies the founders’ passion for travel and the brand’s dedication to inspiring a love for exploration.

On a Road Less Traveled: The Journey of iTvara

iTvara, derived from the Sanskrit word for “traveler,” was a dream realized by three childhood friends. Manisha and Pallavi bonded over their love for travel, later joined by Sonia, completing their team.

Their first Airbnb experience in Goa sparked curiosity about the shift from hotels to homestays. Pallavi founded iTvara Tours & Travel in 2015, with Manisha joining as co-founder in 2017 after leaving her corporate job. Together, they rekindled their passion for adventure and travel.

iTvara’s mission is to curate the best travel experiences. The pandemic led them on a life-changing journey from Delhi to Kanyakumari, where they explored and improved the homestay culture, making it more customer-friendly.

In 2021, they opened their first property, iTvara Cottage, in Rishikesh. The founders added personal touches to make it a luxurious home for guests. They anticipated the Staycation and Workcation trend early, creating an environment that hosted diverse guests who enjoyed the serene Rishikesh at their leisure. This success solidified iTvara’s reputation for offering unique and memorable travel experiences.

The Voyage of iTvara : Milestones and Memories

Team & Founders

United by a passion for travel, the team at iTvara is dedicated to creating exceptional and personalized guest experiences.

Sonia Chaudhary

Fill your life with

I deeply feel traveling allows you to become so many different versions of yourself. Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.

Sonia, a marketing postgraduate with a keen interest in travel and adventure, joined iTvara in 2020.

She believes that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and joining iTvara was her first step towards flying high.
Her vision is to give iTvara an international identity in the hospitality industry. For Sonia, iTvara represents the passion, commitment, hard work, and emotions of three childhood friends.

Manisha Singh

The attitude to win and not settle!

Setting a high standard for winning motivates me to work harder and pushes me further out of my comfort zone. The ideology of always learning and never settling for the ordinary has been instrumental in achieving my goals.

Manisha, a management postgraduate from Symbiosis Pune, joined iTvara in 2017 with diverse Corporate HR experience.

She has successfully navigated business strategies and expanded the company’s properties. A trekker and travel enthusiast, Manisha’s curiosity drives her to strive for excellence. When not working, she’s either trekking, reading, or blogging about her life experiences.

Pallavi Verma

A change of latitude helps my attitude!

My starvation for knowledge pushes me to take risks in life. As it is said “NO EXPERIMENTATION NO INNOVATION”

Pallavi founded iTvara Tours & Travel in 2015. Being from the engineering background, having completed her M.E. degree from Delhi College of Engineering, she always had an innovative bend of mind.

An avid traveler, having covered a major part of India, she has always dreamt of starting a travel initiative of her own. Being a team player, with strong planning & interpersonal skills, she started seeking out like-minded people to join her vision

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